Month: September 2016

EP013: NIght of the Talking Deads..W/basment condition: Day of the Dead Vs. Return of the Living Dead!!

This Week Is Zombie week. These two movie invented long standing zombie tropes for future projects. We match up Day Of the Dead Vs. Return of the living Dead. Special Guest, Brandon from the Podcast Basement Condition. Who will win? Find Out!!!!

EP012: A Croc in the hand is worth two in the BUSH: Rouge Vs. Black Water

This week, @cenical_mass suggested two Aussie-Croc films. Rouge Vs. Black Water. See which one will be the be stalking to the win. Find out!! Oh Rachel Can’t stop laughing. hahahahaha. Follow us @DGDTRpodcast for twitter,Facebook,and instagram. Thanks

EP011: Crossover w/The Laughing horror Podcast: Halloween in September?

This week is our first crossover episode with, The Laughing Horror Podcast. We Cover OG Vs. Remake:Halloween 1978 Vs. Halloween 2007. This is first part in a two act episode Next one will be the sequels. Coming soon. Find out which one will reign supreme.