DGDTR EP041: I am Under”AWARE” there is a killier in the house!: Slumber Party Massacre Vs. After School Massacre

We are back.. just took an unexpected break
In this episode we bring you two slumber party movies with Slumber Party Massacre Vs. After School Massacre

We discuss briefly about are unexpected break and current shows we are watching

We also apologize to The Railhead Bar, lawton, OK for our live halloween show

We also have to poorly acted skit of two girls at a slumber party…so fun #blessed

And of course we decided to hit you guys up with some massacre movies from the start to sadly the present. W/ Slumber Party Massacre(1982) Vs. After School Massacre(2014)

So Jump in your best underwear and grab a pillow and latest issue of Tiger Beat! and enjoy our slumber party! Who Will Win?

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