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EP031:Wrong Stop!!! : Wrong turn Vs. Rest Stop

This episode will venture towards travel horror. We will see Wrong turn Vs. Rest stop. Who will make it to their final destination and win? Find out!!! Use to support and save money. Follow us on twitter,Facebook and Instagram w/ @dgdtrpodcast. Like .review and subscribe on iTunes .

EP027:Horror movies for Lovers..and killers: Urban Legends Vs. Valentine

This episode is for celebration of V-day. So put on a fire and pour a nice glass of wine with someone you care about And listen to us review two love obsessed, revenge seeking killers in Urban Legends Vs. Valentine: Who will win? Find out

EP024: Cheap Sins!! W/Basement conditions Brandon: 13 Sins Vs.Cheap Thrills

This first 2017 episode we are join by returning guest: Brandon from Basement condition. We are seeing who would win money hungry thrillers. 13 Sins vs. Cheap Thrills. Who will win.? Find out!

EP022: Good Cop, Devil Cop..: End Of Days Vs. Hellbound

This week we dive into Action superstar horror movies. Arnold and Chuck Norris, in End of Days Vs. Hellbound. Which one will send satan back to hell and become the champ of horror action. Find Out!!! promo THATROAD,